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Who We Are

As an electric cooperative, Hendricks Power is part of the nation's largest energy network which includes 1,000 electric cooperatives, public power districts, power supply generation and transmission cooperatives, statewide associations, regional trade and service associations, supply and manufacturing cooperatives, data processing cooperatives and employee credit unions. Electric cooperatives alone serve 32 million customers in 46 states, and cover more land mass than any of the nation's single electric utilities.


Hendricks Power Cooperative celebrated its 65th anniversary in 2001. Formed in 1936, following the creation of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Rural Electrification Administration (REA), Hendricks Power Cooperative started with a small meeting of 12 people, farmers and rural residents, unable to convince the local utility, which was owned by investors, to build lines to serve them. They claimed it simply wasn't profitable to provide service to such sparsely-populated areas. 

The formal construction of these rural electric lines began the summer of 1937. On January 1, 1938, the first 122 miles of line was energized. Approximately 400 members received power to their homes and farms for the first time. The name Hendricks County Rural Electric Membership Corporation (REMC) was adopted, as the cooperative slowly grew. 

Today, Hendricks Power Cooperative serves over 30,000 members in Hendricks, Putnam, Morgan and Montgomery counties.

Board of Directors

  • Area 1
    Don Stinson
  • Area 2
    W. Andrew Lynch
  • Area 3
    Matt Hession
  • Area 4
    Hal Truax
  • Area 5
    Marshall Hurst
  • Area 6
    Keith Cooper
  • Area 7
    Susan Webb
  • Area 8
    E. Stanley Ryland
  • Area 9
    Jeff Fleece
  • Area 10
    Larry Salsman

2020 Board Officers

  • President

    Don Stinson
  • Vice President

    Matt Hession
  • Secretary

    Larry Salsman
  • Treasurer

    W. Andrew Lynch


  1. Territory in Morgan County, and all territory south of US 40 in Hendricks County's Liberty and Guilford Townships. 
  2. Hendricks County's Center Township and all territory in Hendricks County's LIberty Township, north of US 40. 
  3. Hendricks County's Brown Township and all territory in Hendricks County's Lincoln Township, north of State Road 136. 
  4. Hendricks County's Union and Middle Townships. 
  5. Hendricks County's Marion Township and Putnam County's Jackson Township. 
  6. Hendricks County's Clay Township and Putnam County's Floyd Township. 
  7. Hendricks County's Washington Township and all territory served in Hendricks County's Lincoln Township, south of State Road 136.
  8. Hendricks County's Franklin Township and Putnam County's Marion and Greencastle Townships. 
  9. Hendricks County's Eel River Township and all territory in Montgomery County.
  10. Putnam County's Jefferson, Cloverdale and Warren Townships. 

Partners of Hendricks

Hendricks Power Cooperative aligns itself with a number of partners in providing quality service for its customers. 
  1. Touchstone Energy
  2. NRECA
  3. Indiana Electric Cooperatives
  4. Wabash Valley Power Association 

Seven Cooperative Principles

  1. Voluntary and Open Membership
  2. Democratic Member Control
  3. Members' Economic Participation
  4. Autonomy and Independence
  5. Education, Training and Information
  6. Cooperation Among Cooperatives
  7. Concern for Community

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