Step 1

Obtain a building permit. Start this process by contacting one of the following planning and building departments:
  • Hendricks County Planning & Building at 317-745-9255
  • Montgomery County Planning & Building at 765-364-6490
  • Morgan County Planning & Building at 812-349-2580
  • Putnam County Planning & Building at 765-653-5727.
You will need to get a permit and a plat or sketch of the proposed location. This plat should show lot boundaries, dimensions, easements, building setback requirements, water supply systems, sewage disposal systems, drainage systems, waterways, street or road name and location to which the property has access, and by plans and specifications showing the work to be done. Check with your county for a complete listing.

Step 2

Call our engineering department. You will need to call 317-745-5473 ext. 4007 for an appointment to meet with us at the building site. We will determine where the electric service lines will be located, whether they will be installed overhead or underground and what fees may apply. Please refer to our LINE EXTENSION POLICY. The building should be staked out and you should know the size of service needed at the time we meet. You or your qualified electrician should determine the size. We can provide a list of local electricians upon request. Meter base locations on all new home construction are restricted to the nearest point of contact to Hendricks Power facilities. By calling, you can also arrange for TEMPORARY SERVICE for the construction phase, if needed.  There is a $50.00 charge for this temporary service. Please adhere to our LOCATION REQUIREMENTS for temporary service. 

Step 3

Turn in any necessary paperwork that was given to you at the time of your appointment. A copy of your warranty deed must be included with your signed/notarized ELECTRIC LINE LOCATION EASEMENT. This must be done before construction is scheduled. If you are having your service put underground, most likely, you will sign the UNDERGROUND SERVICE RULES AND REGULATIONS FORM at your appointment. You will also complete an “Application for Membership and for Electric Service card.”  This application card explains the $20.00 refundable membership fee.

Step 4

You are required to purchase one of our ACCEPTED METER BASES or purchase one from our office. For your assistance, we have provided a METER BASE PRICE LIST. You or your electrician can pick up the meter base at our Avon office at 86 N. County Road 500 E during normal business hours Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. The top of the meter base shall not be more than six (6) feet or less than four (4) feet above final grade.

Step 5

Call for a “Tag” electric inspection. You or your electrician will do this after the building’s electric service panel has been connected to the meter base. Here are the numbers for the appropriate inspectors:
  • Town of Avon - 317-272-0948      
  • Town of Brownsburg - 317-852-1128
  • Town of Danville - 317-745-3012      
  • Town of Plainfield - 317-839-2561 
  • Hendricks County - 317-745-9255      
  • Montgomery Co. - 765-364-6490
  • Morgan County - 317-342-1060      
  • Putnam County - 765-658-2786
The inspector will then contact Hendricks Power and give approval to connect the permanent electric service. You may call the co-op when it is time for the permanent service, but the final “Tag” electric inspection must be completed.

Final Step

Make sure we have your correct billing name and official address. This address will be issued to you by the permitting office. You are now a member-owner of Hendricks Power Cooperative!

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