Net Metering

Energy Charge
Purchased Power Energy: $.0641/kwh*
Purchased Power Demand: $.02070/kwh
Distribution Demand: $.0138/kwh

*Rate for energy both sold to and purchased from Hendricks Power Cooperative.
Consumer Charge
Minimum Monthly Charge
  • The consumer charge, and
  • A charge of $1.00 per kva of the member’s required transformer capacity over 15 kva.
Power Cost Adjustment
  • -$0.001960 effective Oct. 1, 2016.
  • This power cost adjustment is reflected on your monthly bill and is a mechanism to level and equalize swings in electricity and fuel prices in today’s volatile energy environment. It is increased or decreased based on variable costs such as environmental compliance, fuel and market power purchases. 


This APPLICATION should be completed and returned to a Hendricks Power Cooperative representative in order to begin processing the request.


  1. Available to any member located on the co-op's lines residential buildings. 
  2. This rate schedule will serve single-phase member/consumers. 
  3. Must have an approved Renewable Generation System with a nameplate rating of 10kW or less. 
  4. Members must comply with the Hendricks Power Cooperative’s approved Net Metering standard.

Type of Service

Alternating current, 60-cycle, single phase, 120/240 volts or other industry standard voltages mutually agreeable to the member/consumer and the cooperative. 

More Information

For more detailed information on our Net Metering standards, please click HERE.
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