AO Smith ProMax Residential

electric water heaters

Eligibility Requirements

  • The home or business must receive its electric service from Hendricks Power Cooperative.
  • A load management switch must be installed and remain connected to the water heater for a period of not less than five years. Installation of the load management switch will be done at no additional cost to the member.
  • If the member removes the water heater and/or load management switch from the location within five years after receiving it from Hendricks Power, the member will be billed and required to pay an additional $100 for the cost of the water heater.
  • Hendricks Power reserves the right to inspect any existing electric water heater less than 12 years of age to determine eligibility for participation in the program.
  • Water heater cannot be used only as storage for a geothermal unit. It must be connected to the home’s wiring.
  • Mobile homes must be on a permanent foundation, on property owned by the member. 


  • Water heater must be installed within 30 days of the pick-up date or the member will be billed and required to pay an additional $100 for the cost of the unit. Contact Hendricks Power at (317) 745-5473 to confirm installation.
  • Following installation, Hendricks Power will contact you to schedule an inspection.
  • Hendricks Power reserves the right to inspect the water heater periodically. 


Members who meet eligibility requirements can purchase an electric water heater for $225. This amount must be paid in full prior to receiving the water heater.

Load Management Switch

This device is used to help the co-op manage electric load by reducing usage during certain critical times. If necessary, Hendricks Power will limit the power to the water heater for 20-30 minutes. This helps the co-op to avoid purchasing additional electricity at extremely high market prices. Ultimately, this is a savings to the end-user.

Water Heater Specs

A.O. Smith ProMax Series
50 Gallon
Short ENS-50: 49.25" tall/ 23” diameter/.95 efficiency
Tall ENT-50: 60.5" tall/20.5” diameter/0.95 efficiency
Six year warranty on tank
Six year warranty on parts
One year warranty on labor
Warranty is offered through manufacturer, not Hendricks Power.
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